The Power of Better Absorption

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Bottom line is this: Supplement ingredients are only as good as how well they’re absorbed.

With that fact in mind, our MicroActive® ingredients (such as CoQ10) are micronized and encapsulated to uniformly improve absorption and provide sustained-release and our Sucrosomial® Minerals (such as Magnesium) were developed to enhance mineral absorption through a unique technology that allows for better absorption and improved bioavailability.

The MicroActive® Line: Gradual, Sustained Release

The MicroActive formulation is tailored to each active ingredient to optimize its bioavailability and sustained release capabilities.

For example, MicroActive® CoQ10 is a complex of two B-cyclodextrin molecules and a CoQ10 molecule. One side of the molecule is fat-soluble and holds the CoQ10, while the other side is water-soluble and makes for efficient transport through the digestive system.

A study of MicroActive Curcumin saw the ingredient uptake peaked at 4 hours followed by sustained release till 12 hours. Plasma levels remained high at 12 hours, indicating additional sustained release beyond that point.

The benefits of MicroActive®️ ingredients include:

  • Superior sustained release
  • Improved bioavailability
  • Uniform absorption
  • Delivery format flexibility
  • Micronization process compatible with any active ingredient

Have an ingredient that you want to make more bioavailable? Contact our team to find out more about MicroActive® technology and how you can create your own ingredient with superior absorption and prolonged release.

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