MicroActive® Melatonin

7 Hour Sustained Release

Melatonin is a hormone naturally produced by the body that regulates the sleep-wake cycle. Many things can interfere with melatonin production, such as excessive light in the evening, jet lag, and shift work. In addition, the less melatonin is manufactured with age. Scientific research shows that melatonin:

    • Regulates sleep cycles*

    • Aids in securing a full night’s sleep*

    • Supplements the body’s natural production that has been shown to decrease with age*

Ordinary melatonin supplements leave the body after 4 hours, so while they may aid in falling asleep, they are not effective for those who have difficulty staying asleep or waking too early. MicroActive® Melatonin was developed to address this issue through a micronized, sustained-release technology that ensures the melatonin is gradually released over 7 hours. Additionally, while ordinary melatonin supplements expose the body to an unusually high spike of melatonin upon consumption, MicroActive® Melatonin’s sustained release technology allows a consistent dose over a long period of time in order to better support sleep.*

MicroActive® Melatonin provides:


  • 7-hour sustained release
  • Initial rapid release and then slower sustained release
  • Free-flowing powder – sustained release not achieved through compression of the active ingredient
  • Two-stage release
  • Initial rapid release to help fall asleep faster*
  • Slower sustained release that helps maintain sleep overnight*
  • Effective for all insomnia patterns*
  • Timed release claim is supported by dissolution studies

Dissolution studies show that MicroActive® Melatonin delivers 40% of the dose at 1 hour, a gradual release of 50% of the remaining dose over the next 5 hours, and 10% after 7 hours. This makes it perfect for falling asleep, staying asleep, and preventing early awakening.*


By comparison, unformulated melatonin was shown to have an initial release of 90% of the dose, and released the remaining 10% over the next 3 hours. Competing Brand 1 had an initial release of 64% of the dose, followed by 36% over the next 2 hours. Competing Brand 2 had an initial dosage release of 20% followed by 30% more over the next 5 hours; the remaining 50% was not fully released over the normal sleep period. 

MicroActive® Melatonin® Product Specifications:

  • 3% melatonin
  • Melatonin in a sustained-release matrix
  • White powder
  • Shelf life of 3 years
  • Suitable for capsules and tablets
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