About MicroActive

MicroActive® Technology

MicroActive ingredients demonstrate superior uniform absorption and are supported by clinical studies. Ingredients are micronized and encapsulated by design using natural starches or polymers to fit the individual characteristic of each active ingredient. The micronization phase produces a period of rapid efficient exposure followed by the encapsulation phase, which produces a lengthy extended release.

Absorption is further enhanced with carriers that assist the active to move through the intestinal wall.

By comparison:

  • Does not contain absorption enhancers that might over time increase the absorption of unwanted compounds such as carcinogens
  • Superior sustained release as compared with the most popular advanced formulations on the market

The final result is a free-flowing powder with the following benefits:

  • High cost-effective payload, normally 25% to 50%
  • Applicable to hydrophobic, hydrophilic, and partially hydrophilic ingredients
  • Can be formulated with other actives
  • Applicable for hard capsules and softgels
  • Water-dispersible for foods, juices, or effervescent applications
  • Clinically proven in oral-care products

Have an ingredient that you want to make more bioavailable?

We are willing to test and apply the MicroActive Technology to other ingredients.

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