MicroActive® CoQ10

24 Hour Sustained Release

Cis a vitamin-like, fat-soluble substance found in the mitochondria of almost all the cells in the body. It is used in the electron transport chain, a process of aerobic cellular respiration that generates 90–95% of the energy used by the body.* It is also a powerful antioxidant.*

As a dietary supplement, crystalline CoQ10 is poorly absorbed. In fact, on average, only 3% of the consumed dose is actually absorbed. As a result, numerous forms of CoQ10 claiming enhanced bioavailability have been introduced to the market. However, how well they are absorbed varies wildly from person to person. Some subjects will absorb these enhanced forms well while others will absorb only small quantities — uniform bioavailability is not guaranteed.

MicroActive CoQ10 targets this problem directly. Supported by four human clinical studies, 24-hour sustained release MicroActive CoQ10 has uniformly enhanced bioavailability and:

– Is 3 times better absorbed than regular (crystalline) CoQ10

– Is 2 times better absorbed than solubilized (enhanced bioavailability) CoQ10 softgels.

– Doubles CoQ10 levels from baseline after 3 weeks in 100% of users.

MicroActive CoQ10 is dairy-free, Halal, Kosher and made in the USA.

The patented MicroActive® process complexes each CoQ10 molecule with two ß-cyclodextrin molecules in a water media. One side of the molecule is fat-soluble and holds the CoQ10, while the other side is water-soluble and makes for efficient transport through the digestive system.

When the micronized MicroActive® complex arrives at a cell, it comes apart, depositing a single CoQ10 molecule for efficient absorption.

Additional Microactive CoQ10 Benefits:

Supported by human clinical studies, MicroActive® CoQ10 Complex is a 26% CoQ10 free-flowing powder, clinically proven to offer:

• Uniformly enhanced absorption in all users

• 24 hour time release

• 3.7x more bioavailable than crystalline CoQ10

• Blending various ratios of MicroActive® complex to crystalline CoQ10 does not affect the bioavailability of the complex

• If taken at higher doses, claims for heart and circulatory health benefits can be made, and can provide assurance of doubling CoQ10 levels in three weeks

Clinical studies compared MicroActive® CoQ10 with crystalline and solubilized products. The results demonstrate the clear advantages of MicroActive®.

MicroActive® CoQ10 Product Specifications:

  • CoQ10 complexed with cyclodextrin
  • Light-yellow free-flowing 60-mesh powder
  • 26% CoQ10 concentration
  • Stable at room temperature
  • Water-dispersible
  • Suitable for tablets, capsules, softgels & functional beverages
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